Nimki Mukhiya 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Babbu Sees Nimki And Abhi

Nimki Mukhiya 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Ramla says I was so glad and pregnant. Chandar didn’t need a tyke. He revealed to me this is sound and gave me this herb. My kid kicked the bucket. She cries. Nimki says nobody will cry OK. Nimki says grin please. She makes everybody grin. Ramla says Nimki go to specialist. Abhi you take her to specialist. Mauha says its better that kid bites the dust. This story will end. Nimki says I wont give this youngster a chance to kick the bucket. I will go to specialist tomorrow.

Jhariya says all individuals are stating your tyke will be in ghat tola. Babbu says shut up. Babbu says to jewel take a brief trip and see mother. Individuals come. They state we need to converse with Tettar. He has got us stuck in an unfortunate situation. Tettar says what occurred. He says you have destroyed our fields. We terminated all individuals from ghat tola and now there is nobody to work. Ritu says that was done to educate

them an exercise. He says they are on the whole glad and we don’t have anything. Babbu says so we should demand them to be back? Do you have some disgrace? A man says do you have disgrace attacker? She is pregnant. Babbu says shut up. He says you shut up we are not ghat tola individuals. He says get us individuals or we will get individuals from ghat tola. Babbu says do what babu ji inquired. He says we are not your servent. Tettar says jewel take him inside.

Scene 2

Abhi comes. Mauha says Nimki is preparing. Nimki says I will take as much time as necessary. Chachi comes and asks Nimki has somebody. Abhi is so decent. Who deals with someone else’s kid. Ahi says Mauha individuals continue talking don’t hear it. Nimki says how would I look? Abhi says gives up.

Tettar says these mother little girl will destroy everything. Babbu comes to Annaro. He says mama you aren’t well. For what reason didn’t you tell. On the off chance that he hits you once more.. Annaro says he is a man. He would hit.. Babbu reviews what sweeti said. Annaro says yet he cherishes me. He returns to me. Babbu says you thought I was dablo? She says he would come dependably when I wasn’t well and appeal to God for me. Babbu says let me call specialist.

Tettar says to Babbu stop this all and spotlight on what Nimki is playing. Babu says amma isn’t well. Tettar says I couldn’t care less. Babbu says she isn’t my shortcoming. SHe is my quality. He leaves.

Scene 3

Abhi says what will you enlighten your tyke when he asks concerning his dad? Nimki says the person who bring him up would be his dad. For me you will be his dad. Blood doesn’t make a difference. Specialist comes. Nimki says ABhi help me jump on the bed. He encourages her. specialist requests that he remain. She says we can hear the heartbeat. Nimki says Abhi do you wanna tune in? She says I can’t hear. Demonstrate to me a ultrasound. The specialist says it is costly. We don’t have it. Nimki says abhi you hear it. Babbu goes to the emergency clinic. He requests woman specialist. Nimki says do you hear? He gestures. Nimki says for what reason wouldn’t i be able to hear? I am so frightened. Abhi holds her hand. Babbu looks in.

Precap-Nimki says to Babbu this kid has your blood however Abhi will be called his dad. Since he would spit on you. Media comes. Nimki says yes snap Babbu’s picture.

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