Meri Hanikarak Biwi 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mirchi Becomes A Puppet In Devina’s Hands

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Mirchi comes first floor holding a pole. A child leaves his concealing spot and mix-ups her to be Mishri. Mirchi hits him on his head. Her eyes have turned red. Pushpa hears him yelling for assistance. He is dying. Everybody races to him. He is Singhania’s child, Rohan. Ira asks him how he tumbled down. Rohan shares that Mishri hit him with a bar. Everybody is shocked including Mishri. What are you saying? Ira and Akhilesh take him to clinic. Mishri is still in stun. I dint do it.

Vansh discloses to Mishri she can’t hit Rohan in light of the fact that she couldn’t discover him. Pushpa and Devina additionally question Mishri. Mishri shares that she dint do it. Mapu called me so I went to her room. Ira says I dint shout to you. Quit lying! Rohan is harmed as a result of you. I needed to actually beseech them not to document a

police report. Mishri demands she isn’t lying yet Ira talk so evidence. Akhilesh sends Mishri to her room. I will converse with you. She goes tragically. Pushpa feels awful observing her consequently. What’s going on? Akhilesh advises Ira to unwind. I will converse with Mishri.

Mishri goes to her room. She creases her hands as she cries. What’s going on Bajrang Bali? You know I dint hurt anybody. Who did this at that point? Who is surrounding me? Mirchi strolls in saying that it is on the grounds that we resemble the other alike. Mishri is stunned to see her. Bapu had destroyed you and kept you in a sack. It implies you hit Rohan? Why? Mirchi says I need everybody to loathe you. Mapu and Bapu should just adore me! Mirchi’s eyes turn red which stuns Mishri even more. How might you turn awful? You used to deal with them. What befell you all of a sudden? I thought you were decent. Mirchi says you are mixed up. I can be as great or as terrible the manner in which I am customized. Presently I will get the affection you get! Your whole family is mine now. She lifts Mishri in air. Mishri heaves for breath. I will tell Bapu everything. Leave me. Mirchi revises her. He is my Bapu. She drops Mishri on the floor. Don’t you dare tell anybody anything! Mishri demands to advise everything to everybody and runs ground floor. Mirchi waves her turn in air.

Mishri discovers everybody solidified in time. What befell every one of you? She shouts to them more than once yet futile. Mirchi comes there too. Nobody can hear you. I have halted time. They are stuck at that time. Mishri calls her frantic. I am not in any case scared of you. I additionally wrestle. You wont almost certainly hurt me all alone. Mirchi’s clones spring up stunning Mishri. I am not the only one! Presently observe what I do straightaway. Two of Mishri’s carbon copies remain alongside Ira and Pushpa while the other two remain beside Vansh and Akhilesh. They rest one of their hands on every last one of them. Presently your family is my hostage! Mishri cries. Mirchi cautions her not to attempt to tell anybody anything or she will execute everybody. Mishri will not give her a chance to do anything like that. You adored them to such an extent. What befell you? God wont give you a spot even in damnation on the off chance that you do anything like this. You can’t do this! Mirchi advises her that she is the most exceptional robot of this nation. There isn’t something which I can’t do. Her hands transform into some sort of machine. She points them at the relatives. Mishri beseeches her not to do this. Kindly don’t hurt my family. She goes out on the floor because of stress

Mishri awakens yelling. She is in her room. Her relatives inquire as to whether she is fine. Mishri inquires as to whether they are fine. Devina asks her who needs to hurt them. Mishri takes Mirchi’s name. Ira asks her identity. For what reason would she need to hurt us? Pushpa additionally gets some information about Mirchi. Akhilesh calls it her terrible dream yet Mishri demands that Mirchi needs to hurt them. I am exceptionally frightened. She will execute my family! They inquire as to whether she had a battle with somebody in school. Akhilesh attempts to turn away it however Vansh inclines nearer to Mishri. He murmurs in her ears not to say this. Mamu will be stuck in an unfortunate situation. Ira additionally advises Mishri to unwind. Devina says she may think about this due to what happened to Rohan. The name is fascinating however. Mishri’s requests go unheard. Ira advises her not to accuse any other individual dishonestly for her offenses. I would prefer not to hear this name Mirchi until the end of time. Devina advises her to quiet down. Children gain from their folks. She will learn it as her mother is so dangerous all things considered. Pushpa and Devina end up contending once more. Ira leaves. Akhilesh requests that they battle outside. Let Mishri rest. Pushpa takes Devina outside with her.

Akhilesh asks Mishri what has befallen her. How did Mirchi come in this? Mishri instructs him to trust her. Mirchi is back and needs to murder our family. If it’s not too much trouble trust me. She lets him know and Vansh everything (in quiet). I am not lying. Akhilesh says how I can confide in you. Just we think about Mirchi. We need not educate anybody regarding her. I destroyed her with my own hands. How might she return? Vansh seconds him. She is a human driven robot. She wont hurt anybody. Mishri rehashes that Mirchi has changed. She isn’t decent similar to she was previously. They choose to go to the storeroom to discover reality.

Akhilesh, Vansh and Mishri go to the storeroom yet they discover Mirchi’s parts unblemished clinched. Mishri is staggered to see it. I am not lying. Mirchi even took steps to hurt you all. Akhilesh advises her to stop it. You saw it yourself. I can’t accept your words or stories regardless of whether I need to! You are excessively youthful. You experienced a great deal of injury. When you recuperated you discovered that a robot has had your spot. You are concocting stories identified with it. You need rest. I am with you. He sends her to her stay with Vansh. Mishri thinks about how the parts are destroyed so soon. Akhilesh is worried about Mishri. When will she leave her injury? Devina looks on as they all leave. I will make such a great amount of disdain towards Mishri that all of you will loathe her!

Precap: Devina discloses to Mirchi she ventured out the stepping stool today. On the off chance that this proceeds, at that point Mishri will be out of everybody’s lives very soon. She crosses out on Mishri’s photograph. Mirchi says I can effectively pick up Mapu and Bapu’s adoration. She goes first floor where Vansh is sitting.

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