Meri Hanikarak Biwi 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mirchi Turns Evil

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A child asks Akhilesh his identity. Will you hurt me? Akhilesh guarantees the children he will take them to their homes securely. You don’t have to ask any longer! He demonstrates the photographs of the folks who snatched Mishri. Are these similar individuals who kidnapped you? They gesture. He additionally demonstrates Mishri’s pic. Is it safe to say that she was here with you? They attest. She came here with a notice and said that she needs to discover her Bapu. She is the little girl of a homeless person however. Akhilesh says she is my girl. Ira was correct. Mishri has lost her memory because of incomplete amnesia and these ruffians are utilizing this! I wont give anything a chance to happen to her. Do you know where she is? A young lady shares that she left for the location referenced on the publications. The goons have likewise followed them. he sends the children with the NGO reps. One of them go to enroll

police protest while the other two reps take the children with them. The children express gratitude toward Akhilesh lavishly.

Mishri can hear echoes of her past and holds her head feeling tipsy. I don’t get anything! Where am I? For what reason does this spot look so recognizable? She falters and goes over a photograph of Akhilesh and Ira. I have seen this uncle some place. She stole his tote in the sanctuary. What’s my connection with him? If it’s not too much trouble help me Lord. If you don’t mind spare me.

The goons encompass Mirchi. Mirchi switches on her peril alert/flight mode. She hits the goons one by one stunning their manager. He pulls her pig tail which actuates her rest mode. They place her in a sack. Akhilesh comes to there simply at that point. He sees them pressing Mirchi and yells Mishri’s name. How could you contact my little girl? They undermine him yet Akhilesh beats them. First you caught my better half and after that you attempted to utilize my girl’s shortcoming! One of them hits him on his head from behind when he is attempting to wake Mirchi. They beat him. The supervisor strolls towards Mirchi. The goons disclose to Akhilesh that they will cause his girl to ask. The goons overwhelm Akhilesh. Akhilesh yells at Mirchi to wake up believing her to be Mishri. Mishri hears his voice inside. This voice is so commonplace! Who is calling me? She goes out to check. Akhilesh yells at the goons to leave his little girl. Mishri is lashed by more voices in her mind. Mishri is my name! She restores her memory. The recollections become clear all of a sudden. She says Bapu. Akhilesh takes a gander at her and after that at Mirchi. He understands that the goons grasped Mirchi. One goon progresses towards them however Mishri hits him. She does Kabaddi with him. Different goons pulls Mirchi’s pig tail and she opens her eyes surprising him. She liberates herself from the sack. Akhilesh, Mishri and Mirchi beat the goons beat up. They escape from that point.

Akhilesh embraces Mishri. I was biting the dust to hear you call me Bapu. What had befallen you! My little girl had vanished. Mishri guarantees him she is here with him now. How could I lose my memory however? How could I end up stalling out with those trouble makers? Mirchi calls Akhilesh Bapu. I have given those goons to police. Mishri asks Akhilesh who this young lady is. For what reason would she say she is calling you Bapu? You are my Bapu. He discloses to her he has answers to every one of her inquiries. How about we return home.

Mishri wipes Akhilesh’s tears. I was truly in extreme lethargies for 2 months after mishap? He gestures. Your mom’s condition was basic as well. Badi Ma is as of now a heart quiet. I couldn’t enlighten them regarding your condition in those days. I brought Mirchi home upon Bhavik’s solicitation. She inquires as to whether Mirchi is in reality a robot made by Bhavik. Mirchi attests. Superman Uncle brought me here. Mishri grins. God will give you a spot in paradise. You took incredible consideration of everybody in my nonappearance. They were so upbeat. Mirchi says even I am satisfied to fulfill everybody. It was my work. Presently it’s finished. Mishri is home. Akhilesh says thanks to her. I will be obligated to you forever! She lets him know not to say as much. Indeed, even you ensured me at whatever point I required you. Akhilesh says the time has come to disassemble you. Mishri lets him know against it. For what reason wouldn’t she be able to remain with us? She has helped us a ton. We can live as sisters. Akhilesh says it isn’t up to us. It will be an issue if your Mapu and Amma get some answers concerning this. They wont most likely bear it! just we know this fact. The researcher who made her is requesting her. He is her real Bapu. Give it a chance to be as is it. Ira shouts to Akhilesh. Mishri gets energized hearing Ira’s voice. Akhilesh places Mirchi in her organizer. Mishri runs down the stairs to meet Ira.

Ira is upbraiding Pushpa for being so languid. Mishri is overpowered to see her family. She rushes to embrace Ira. Devina and Pushpa are stunned to see her in this manner. Devina does not let her embrace her even so Mishri gives her flying kiss. They get some information about her appearance. Mishri says Badi Ma looks like just she was. I am excited to see all of you! Pushpa asks her what will change in 3 hours. Devina additionally inquires as to whether she has gone frantic. Mishri concurs. She bounces around cheerfully and next embraces Vansh. He asks her since when she began crying. Did you update your highlights Mirchi? She grins. I am Mishri. I know everything that occurred in recent months. Vansh bounces energetically saying Mishri is back however goes calm. The seniors ask them where Mishri had gone to. Mishri lies that he is getting energized as I went to purchase blooms. Ira requests that her wash up however Mishri requests that her wash her. You will likewise bolster me. Ira asks her for what reason she is showering so much love abruptly. Akhilesh advises her to do it. She is asking so sweetly. Ira says you just prepared her every day. How could she miss me all of a sudden? Mishri says Mapu does not adore me. Akhilesh says she wont concur this way. Mishri talks about tickling. Akhilesh holds Ira as both the children stimulate her.

Mishri asks Pushpa to nourish her delightful parathas. Pushpa cheerfully obliges. Mirchi looks at them from the organizer. Ira asks Mishri what has befallen her. You are going about as though you have met us after ages! Akhilesh says love will be love. Mishri says my adoration is flooding today. Akhilesh winks at her. Pushpa says I don’t get anything besides it feels like the house is twittering once more. Ira concurs. What else would it be advisable for us to do now? Mishri says the ball is in my court now. I will do evening puja. She takes them with her down the stairs to make prepares for the equivalent. Vansh ponders where Mirchi must be. Mirchi leaves the pantry herself. He shuts the entryway from inside. Much thanks to you, Mirchi. This family is finished as a result of you. Mishri is fine a result of you as it were. You gave Mamu the area of ruffians. You are a heavenly attendant. She says even I cherished dealing with you all. Does Mishri gets this much love and consideration from Mapu and Bapu? Vansh gestures. She is the universally adored as she cherishes everybody without a doubt. He leaves to finish his homework. Mirchi says wish I could likewise get Mapu and Bapu’s affection. I am a robot however. People bring us just for their narrow minded intentions. For what reason will they cherish me?

Mishri does puja with her family. Akhilesh folds his hands in veneration. Mirchi looks on from far. He sees her while cleaning his tears and gets strained. He takes her upstairs. Tragically, the time has come to destroy you. I don’t have words to share what you have accomplished for me. She shares that she is exceptionally glad to see him upbeat. I am sorry that I couldn’t make you as glad as Mishri can. He shushes her. You don’t have the foggiest idea how terrible I feel about disassembling you. I will dependably recollect you. Naina plays as he connects for her hand. His eyes well up as he evacuates her one hand. She asks him for what good reason his eyes are spilling. I can’t see you dismal. She reveals to him jokes to make him grin. Akhilesh says you are doing this so I can grin. She gestures. I need to recollect you like this. They share an embrace. I will miss you definitely, Bapu.

Mishri gets some information about Bapu. He says he may have gone to destroy Mirchi. The children head upstairs to concealed Mirchi goodbye.

Akhilesh has stuffed Mirchi in a sack when the children reach there. She gets sad seeing her destroyed. Much obliged to you for taking care of my family. I am certain you will miss Mapu and Bapu without a doubt. I will likewise miss you a great deal. For what reason don’t you say something? Vansh reveals to her that she can’t answer her. Mishri inquires as to whether they can’t keep Mirchi with them. He denies. That researcher needs her. I will accept her tomorrow as Bhavik isn’t home. I will keep her in storeroom till at that point. He takes the bag to the storeroom.

Akhilesh holds the pack inwardly. I wont most likely overlook you ever. Farewell, Mirchi. He deserts the pack with overwhelming sadness.

Next morning, Mishri meets her companions. Today is my Happy Birthday! Much obliged to you, Vansh. They all choose to play find the stowaway. Mishri considers the children stow away. They continue changing spots when Mishri is moving in various ways. Mishri hears Mapu calling and supposes she will be reprimanded for bouncing on the bed. She wont save me now. She runs upstairs.

A child leaves his concealing spot. Mirchi hits him on his head. Her eyes have turned red.


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