Mere Sai 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Guides Eknath And Dhanraj

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Ananand asks Usha where is Azoba/Eknath. Usha says aaji/Nirmala has gone to bring Azoba. Anand says he himself will proceed to look Azoba and runs out while Usha attempts to stop him. In sanctuary, Nirala argues Eknath to return home and clarifies that they are old not and need youngsters’ help. Eknath irately vapor that she upheld her youngsters rather and called him presumptuous and difficult, there is nothing left between them. Sai requests that he quiet down, purchases milk, offers it to Eknath saying he should be ravenous, includes jaggery in it, says he may not process jaggery in seniority, so on the off chance that he can expel jaggery out of milk. Eknath says it is unthinkable. Sai says a couple relationship is additionally comparative and once engrasped in one another, it can’t be broken. He keeps clarifying that like recently

hitched couple have diverse nature and leisure activities and alter seeing each other gradually, even he needs to do same in this circumstance and offer time to his family to change; in the event that somebody requests that he get up and rest late and have zesty nourishment, he will set aside effort to modify, it is same circumstance with his family; his significant other is stuck among him and kids and need to look after parity; the two of them remained away for a considerable length of time and yielded attempting to run family and deal with youngsters. Nirmala apologizes him and says she understood her misstep when she saw him hurt sincerely and ought to have reproved youngsters. Eknath quiets down and says she need not apologize. Anand comes looking through him and discovering him in sanctuary runs and embraces him joyfully. Eknath additionally gets cheerful seeing him. Sai offers him to complete milk. Eknath completions milk and expresses gratitude toward Sai. Sai drones Ramji Bhala Kare and leaves sanctuary.

A man Dhanraj meets Sai and welcome him says he was looking through him since morning and requirements his assistance; Rano proposed him to meet Sai as Sai has answer for all issues. Sai asks what is his concern. Dhanraj says he began another business a couple of days back and is advancing great, yet he has lost his true serenity and can’t rest. Sai requests that he get him first and strolls quick. Dhanraj considers rather taking care of his concern, he is running quick, yet then thinks Ranoji helped him that Sai’s approaches to remember taking care of issues are one of a kind. He keeps running behind Sai. Sai strolls quick. Jhipri sees him and attempts to talk, yet he keeps strolling quick disregarding her. He reaches close tree and pours water in pot for winged creatures. Dhanraj gets him and inquires as to whether his concern will be explained. Sai says no and clarifies that he began business contending his neighbor and companion and constantly needed to be in front of his companion, disregarding his family life; while running behind Sai, his rascal, spouse, and child called him stressed for him, however he didn’t focus on them and just ran. Dhandraj says he didn’t understand it by any means. Sai recommends him to gain for himself and not to demonstrate anybody low, at exactly that point would he be able to can live serene life and appreciate genuine accomplishment in business.

Ekanth and Usha stroll towards home with Anand. Anand demands to have fiery bites before achieving home. Eknath concurs, gets him Krishna’s dress and bansuri, occupied him squanders and bites. He additionally blessings sari to Nirmala. At home, when Shantaram comes back from work and searches something in organizer, Usha whines that Baba did not return home yet and even Anand went looking through him, she is concerned that Anand may become sick; she questions Baba is doing this intentionally to vent out his indignation and demonstrate his hugeness. Shantaram likewise hollers that Baba is exceptionally self-important and will dependably inconvenience them. Anand returns wearing Krishna’s dress. Usha asks where did he get this dress from. Eknath with Nirmala strolls in and says he skilled this dress to Ananand. Usha says Anand is ravenous since morning. Eknath says he sustained him snacks. Usha exhaust supposing he hollered when she arranged zesty nourishment and himself purchased fiery sustenance. Eknath blessings her sari. She rage that she doesn’t wear such a basic sari and inquires as to for what reason did he take so much inconvenience. Eknath says he had gone to market and purchased presents for all. He blessings choupat game to Shantaram and reminds that Shantaram dependably demanded to play choupat with him, presently he has bunches of time to play with Shantaram.

Shantaram’s client comes calling him. Shantraram exits and inquires as to for what reason did he come, he would have conveyed basic food item packs in at some point as his assistant has not come today. Usha brings water for client. Client mentally programs Shantaram to turn into a stockist rather than provider and win tremendous benefit. Shantaram says he needs cash to manufacture storage facility. Client offers him advance and says with his skill, he can undoubtedly pay his advantage and primary sum. Eknath hears that and reveals to Usha he needs to prevent Shantaram from taking incorrectly choice.

Precap: Eknath discloses Shantaram not to take credit for business, else he will be in misfortunes. Shantaram requests that client get ready credit records and shouts at Eknath to quit meddling in his life.

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