Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Satya’s Blind Adamancy

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Samar making appearance with Jerry supposes he will discover truth by means of Jerry. He asks Jerry when did he discover he is his dad. Jerry says 3 months back. Samar asks how. Jerry says mamma indicated him moving jodi video. Samar inquires as to whether he accepted so effectively. Jerry says mamma never lies. Samar offers him choc, however he rejects saying mamma dislikes him having chocs. Samar feels regretful for utilizing child to know truth. After at some point, Shalini serves breakfast to family and says she arranged breakfast as indicated by every relative’s taste with Lallan’s assistance. Rama reluctantly has breakfast bearing Shalini’s passionate shakedown. Shalini then demands Samar to have her extraordinary parantha made for him. He dithers. She requests that Rama disclose to him it is a shagun. Rama demands. Samar

chomps parantha and gets hiccups because of chillies in it. Shalini state she added chillies for not consenting to her requests. Samar says as a shagun, even she should chomp parantha from his hand. She wavers, however he requests that Rama clarify her. Rama demands, Shalini chomps Parantha huffing and stands up to that she removed Jaya from him, he will never pardon her.

Jaya thinks back Samar arguing her that Jerry isn’t his child and Shalini is catching him, supposes whether to trust him or not. She gets Samar’s telephone calls over and over and overlooks them, at long last leaves home illuminating Satya that Samar is more than once calling her. Samar thinks to go to her room in the event that she doesn’t pick call.

Rama slips on oil and tumbles down spraining her lower leg. Samar races to her. Shalini likewise hurries to her. Prabha keeps running in to bring torment analgesic. Shalini makes Rama sits on couch and with passionate extortion fixes her lower leg sprain. Prabha brings ointment and says it isn’t required now at that point. Shalini says it will give more alleviation and applies analgesic on Ram’s foot. When Rama leaves, Samar expresses gratitude toward Shalini for helping his mom. Shalini uncovers that she poured oil in Rama’s manner to make her fall and in the event that he doesn’t consent to her terms, his family will confront increasingly critical results. Samar irately returns and cautions t cap he will rebuff her for her shocking demonstration and will never pardon her.

At Satya’s home, Satya serves tea to Vicky. Vicky apologizes for yesterday’s contention. She says it is alright. He says he has seen Samar since birth and Samar does not lie, on the off chance that he says Jerry isn’t his child, at that point he implies that. Samar strolls in. Vicky says he recalled Samar and Samar is here. Samar clarifies Satya that Jerry isn’t his child and Shalini herself acknowledged this. Satya says Shalini did not acknowledge before her, so she won’t accept without verification. Samar attempts to persuade her, yet she as common stubbornly requests verification. Samar leaves saying it is waste to converse with him.

Precap: Samar educates Jaya that Jerry isn’t his child, Shalini herself concurred this and has accompanied a major adage, he needs Jaya’s assistance to discover Shalini’s aphorism. Shalini inquires as to whether she and her child won’t get their rights. Samar says they will.

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