Main Bhi Ardhangini 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Chitra Warns Vaidehi To Leave Madhav

Main Bhi Ardhangini 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Madhav asking Vaidehi where did she go? Vaidehi says she went with Anuradha. Madhav goes to spruce up. Chitra comes behind Vaidehi and attempts to enter her, yet she is pushed away by power. Vaidehi is wearing Tulsi Mala. Chitra figures for what reason wouldn’t i be able to get inside her. Sangram is focusing on firearm. Anuradha comes. He focuses at Anuradha and asks will I murder you. Anuradha alarms.. He asks where did you go? She says I went with Vaidehi. Sangram says your conduct is unusual. Anuradha inquires as to whether he feels that whatever is going on is unusual. He requests that her avoid Vaidehi. Jaichand discloses to Rani that he can see apparition and has extraordinary power. He says I can see Vaidehi and her phantom. Rani blows up on him. Sangram comes there. They yell. Sangram tells that he is annoyed with Vaidehi.

Vaidehi attempts to tie her pullover trim. Madhav comes and offers assistance. Chitra is irate. He ties the dori. Tune plays. Chitra says you are attempting to go close to my Madhav and attempts to slap her, yet nothing happens to Vaidehi. Vaidehi expresses gratitude toward him. Chitra takes a gander at herself in the mirror and grins. Chitra sees the mala and thinks this is securing her against me.

Vaidehi is singing bhajan in the first part of the day. Everybody comes and hears the aarti. Vaidehi offers aarti to everybody. Chitra gets irritated. Vaidehi packs Madhav’s tiffin and offers tablets to Narayan. Madhav grins seeing her typical conduct. Vaidehi brings kheer and serves to Jaichand. Jaichand drinks it hot.

Later Anuradha carries bundle and provides for Madhav. Madhav says he has requested hoops for her. Anuradha says she is on patio. He opens the container and discovers jewelry. He supposes he more likely than not requested it. Chitra thinks Vaidehi will lose and I will win. Madhav reveals to Vaidehi that they will go to flame light supper and requests that her wear it. He requests that her take the mala out. She won’t. Madhav approaches her to take it out for 2mins. Vaidehi says alright and considers Pandit ji’s words. She takes it out. Chitra smiles. Madhav makes Vaidehi wear the accessory and grins. The tulsi mala dries and gets singed. Chitra grins and supposes I won’t let you draw close to my Madhav. She says there is no mala which prevents me from going close Madhav.

Afterward, Vaidehi prepares to go with Madhav. She feels cold and eats the tablet as told by pandit. Chitra enters her, however turns out. Vaidehi puts the vibhuti on her to make the soul come in her genuine symbol. Light glints. Chitra comes in her symbol stunning Vaidehi. Vaidehi says Chitra Chitra says indeed, I am Madhav’s significant other, he is only mine. I am his Ardhangini, you needed to divide us and need to isolate us. She requests that her go out else she doesn’t have an inkling what will occur with her. She snickers. Vaidehi cries. Chitra vanishes. Vaidehi sits in stun and cries. She supposes I completed a major misstep to feel that I can have Chitra’s spot.

Precap: Chitra asks Vaidehi to go far from the house. Vaidehi is going to go. Madhav attempts to stop her and gets injured.

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