Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi Scolds Rhea For Framing Prachi Wrongly

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The Episode begins with Pragya going to the precipice and conversing with salvage group. Smash Ram Plays… .Abhi doesn’t see her and go to meet Prachi. Vikram goes to the slope side and discloses to Pallavi that he heard that Prachi pushed Rhea from the precipice. Pallavi is stunned. Abhi asks Prachi where is her mom. Prachi says she is on the slope. Abhi says you are lying and asks from where did you get so much indignation and inquires as to whether he suspected her off-base. He asks her how she felt awful about his little girl, realizing Rhea is his girl. He says how might you hurt her, I have constantly bolstered you and says Rhea fouled up with me, however you have crossed all points of confinement and attempted to slaughter her. He says when I saw you, I wished my little girl resembles you, however I am upbeat that Rhea is superior to you. He says you have not completed a misstep, however a wrongdoing.

He says this is really your mom’s misstep. Prachi asks him not to take her mom’s name. Essential draws close to the bluff and gets some information about Mr. Mehra. Pragya inquires as to whether he came? Salvage group advise that he conversed with them. Pragya demands to go down and check. The salvage group fellow says that in the event that she isn’t discovered that that implies that some wild creature may have executed her and removed. Pragya requests that they stay silent and trusts Rhea is fine.

Prachi asks Abhi not to advise anything to her mother. Abhi says you have pushed my girl, your mum didn’t give you great qualities then whose error is this. He says on the off chance that anything happens to my little girl, at that point whatever I do will not be right for you and your mum. Prachi says my mum didn’t do any misstep. She has sent me here to satisfy my fantasies and my future. She had asked me not to go, however she sent me. She says my mom has bear such a great amount in her life. She says she can’t consider giving her any torment. She says my mom gave me great qualities and let me know not to battle with Rhea and excuse her deduction her as her sister. She says Rhea doesn’t care for me and battled with me. She had said that I am grabbing you from her, and after that said that my mom will have other little girl. She says until when I will bear and tells that she blew up and slapped her. She says it was Rhea who pushed her. She says I see you as my dad and can escape my mother, yet not from you. She says Dimpy is lying and making incorrectly story. She swears on her mum and requests that he trust her calling him Papa. She says you had revealed to me that I can call you Papa so I am calling you Papa. Abhi wipes her tears and says he will discover and requests that her unwind.

Meera cries gravely stressing over Rhea. Mitali gets stressed and asks her not to tell Dadi, else she will get heart assault. Meera says she will go to camp and runs out. Salvage group fellow tells that they can’t discover Rhea. Main inquires as to whether he is certain? Sarita behen calls Pragya and inquires as to whether Prachi is fine. Pragya says Rhea is missing and they are stating Prachi pushed her. Sarita behen says you are stressed for Rhea and not for Prachi. She says I will come there and handle everybody. Important calls Police and requests that they come here. He requests that speaker call the transport and send all understudies back to their homes with the exception of Prachi as she will be grilled.

Abhi asks where is Dimpy and Shaina. Shahana signs him to their tent. A companion discloses to Shahana that Prachi pushed Rhea. Shahana blows up and pushes her. Abhi comes to Dimpy and Shaina’s tent and inquires as to whether it is Rhea’s tent. They state yes. Abhi asks Dimpy when did she go to slope side to click pic. Dimpy says 10:30. Abhi says it is late. Shaina says she went before 10: 30. Dimpy says I went before. Abhi asks how might you click the photos when two young ladies are battling and says you would have gone there and stop their battle. Dimpy says I was far. Abhi requests that her show pics and inquires as to whether she was stowing away and tapping the pics. Dimpy says she needs to make a get back to and takes her telephone. Abhi says I have to call and accepts her call. He checks the call rundown sees Rhea’s calls. He asks where is Rhea? Dimpy and Shaina are gotten and let him know everything. Abhi leaves the tent. Pragya comes to Prachi. Prachi asks what was the deal? Pragya says Rhea isn’t found. Prachi says that implies she didn’t fall. Pragya says they said that creatures are there. Prachi says Mr. Mehra will make everything fine. Pragya inquires as to why he conversed with you even in the wake of realizing that his little girl is possessive about him. Prachi says Mr. Mehra chastened me at first, yet when I disclosed to him truth, he cleaned my tears. She says Mr. Mehra is great. Shahana says Mr. Mehra is so great and Rhea is so awful.

Abhi goes to where Rhea is stowing away. She sees Abhi in her portable and says Dad..I can’t accept. She says don’t have the foggiest idea how, might be because of Dadi’s supplications, she tumbled down and got spared. She says she is trusting that somebody will come and embraces him. Abhi requests that her stay away and says I chastened Principal, instructors and everybody. He says Principal called salvage group and police to look through you. He says I was reviling myself for not conversing with you and brought up issue on Prachi’s childhood and chided her. Rhea cries. Abhi asks her not to say anything and says I would prefer not to say a word, I will be constantly annoyed with you. Rhea says I will apologize to Prachi, converse with me. Vikram meets Abhi. Abhi says I discovered her. He comes to Principal and says I discovered Rhea reluctantly. They inquire as to whether she is fine? Abhi says she didn’t fall, it was her arrangement to render retribution from Prachi, she needed you to show Prachi out of school. He says Rhea asked Dimpy to click their pic and disclose to you that Prachi pushed her. Instructor says we don’t trust this from Rhea. Abhi says error is mine, I couldn’t give her great qualities and can’t instruct her to regard individuals. He says he has admonished Prachi and brought up issues on Prachi’s childhood, and says misstep is only mine. He demands Principal not to suspend her from school and don’t advise anything to Police. He holds his hand and says sorry.

Pragya discovers Rhea and inquires as to whether she is fine. Rhea says she didn’t fall and it was her arrangement to outline Prachi. She says I requested that my companion educate Principal that Prachi pushed her. She says since Prachi came in their lives, he slapped me and I won’t overlook Prachi for this. Pragya slaps Rhea. Rhea takes a gander at her.

Precap: Abhi tells Prachi, your mum is ideal and gave great qualities to you, I wish my girl could take in something from you. Rhea tells pragya that she didn’t feel awful when she slapped her and requests that her embrace her. She embraces Pragya.

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