Kawach 9th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Evil Spirit Kapil Tricks Sandhya To Marry Him

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The Episode begins with Sandhya seeing Angad and Nisha on bed and misjudges them. She leaves the house. The witch turns out from Pallavi and her dead body tumbles down on the ground. The coconut tumbles down. Sandhya achieves the sanctuary and thinks about Ranjana’s words. She saw Kapil in the sanctuary and saw Angad with Nisha. She asks Shiv ji for what valid reason he demonstrated Kapil’s face when she needs to wed Angad in 2 days. She inquires as to whether her marriage isn’t right or his Maha shivratri story isn’t right. She inquires as to for what reason did you make my life convoluted and requests that God state. She says Angad said that he will accompany me, yet he didn’t come as he is with Nisha. She supposes I will hang tight for Angad for at some point and needs all answers. She sits tight for Angad for at some point and when he don’t come, she moves down the sanctuary

stairs and turns out. She sees a reflection and thinks Angad is here and requests that he answer. Kapil turns out from behind the tree and educates that he heard regarding their arrangement to wed today and inquires as to whether Angad didn’t come or get frightened to give confirmation. Sandhya says I need to go. Kapil says I contemplated you and figure I will give you a chance to wed Angad and let the things occur. Sandhya asks what are you saying? Kapil says when I heard you both taking, I lost control. He says you had asked me for what valid reason I come infront of you, as Shivji brings me infront of you, I am in your predetermination, I need you and says Shiv ji joins us generally. I am written in your fate and not Angad. Sandhya gets some information about this and requests that he let her go. Kapil comes running behind her and says God is giving you signal over and over and you are not understanding. He says you needed to wed Angad, however you disregarded from house and met me here, as I am in your predetermination. Sandhya says I will wed Angad tomorrow. Kapil says you can keep running from me, however predetermination will unite us. He requests that her make the stride and says I am made for you and not Angad. Sandhya requests that he stop it and asks him not to come behind her. She begins strolling and falls in the pit. Kapil requests that her give her hand. He brings the tree limbs and asks Sandhya to get it, however she is suffocate. Kapil yells and says you can’t leave me as I adore you. He yells Sandhya. Sandhya turns out from the pit and embraces him. Madhuri, Usha and Pratibha turn out. They see creepy crawlies on the coconut. Madhuri says somebody left house clearly. Usha says Sandhya and Angad are at the patio. Pratibha says they are not at the porch. Kapil inquires as to whether she is fine. She is going to go and sees the tree limbs in their necks as the wreath. She reviews Pallavi’s words (Actually witch). Kapil reveals to her that the wreath and his blood is in maang sign that they are hitched now. He says today is the huge night. It begins sprinkling. Kapil says even Mahadev gave the endorsement. They are seen taking rounds around the flame.

Angad thumps on the entryway. Karthik opens the entryway. Angad asks where is Sandhya? Karthik says they don’t have the foggiest idea. Kapil embraces Sandhya and his hostile stares are appeared. He takes a gander at the witch remaining far. Angad gets some information about Sandhya. They get stressed for Sandhya. Madhuri says a terrible soul is in the house. Angad says on the off chance that she went to sanctuary alone. Usha requests what? Angad says we had plan to wed. He says I will go. Usha attempts to stop him. Angad says Sandhya needs me and leaves house. Karthik, Ankit and others pursue. Kapil discloses to Sandhya that they will look through a spot to remain. He takes a gander at her and says she looks increasingly excellent in downpour. He takes a gander at the cabin and says we will remain here today. Sandhya says we will return home. He says it is sprinkling and we will remain here today around evening time. Sandhya is as yet standing. He takes a gander at the glass piece on the ground and smiles with red eyes. Sandhya begins strolling and the glass piece gets punctured in her skin. He takes it off and grins. She says my anklet. Angad discovers her anklet in the crematorium ground outside the sanctuary and requests that everybody search her various way. Kapil lifts Sandhya and takes her to the hovel. Maha pandit ji is brought in the house. Vinayak says he don’t accept on visually impaired confidence. Pandit ji says shrewdness soul is here and shuts his eyes. He sees malevolence soul and opens his eyes. He demands to see Sandhya’s room. He tells that no one will go out today.

Kapil gauzes Sandhya’s feet. Sandhya says she is feeling frightened and they will return home. He says on the off chance that we go now, at that point we can’t achieve home. He rubs her feet. Maha Pandit ji goes to Sandhya’s room and finds the mangalsutra. He says malevolence forces are originating from it. Vinayak says this is simply mangalsutra. Maha pandit ji says this is pret Aatma. Vinayak approaches in the event that he is doing this for cash and offers him cash. Madhuri requests that he let Pandit ji do what he needs. Pandit ji plunks down and peruses some mantra. Some dark smoke turns out from mangalsutra and afterward the creepy crawlies. They see blood leaving mangalsutra. Pandit ji says two spirits are in this mangalsutra, Sandhya’s life is in threat. Kapil kneads Sandhya’s hand and back. Sandhya feels awkward and tells that they will return home, as everybody must be stressed. Kapil asks her to stop it and says for what valid reason you are demanding to return home. He converses with amiably and asks how we will go now in this climate. He says it is perilous to return home now, this is all God’s arranging with the goal that we can remain together. He requests that her feel that this downpour and tempest are for us. He attempts to kiss her.

Sandhya moves away. Kapil inquires as to whether she is feeling cold and says he will make game plans for garments. He opens the pantry and sees witch inside. Witch requests that he pick up the pace. He says he has hung tight for a long time and will end everything in 2 hours. He shuts the entryway with his capacity and her saree material is hanging out. Suman gets terrified and tells Karthik. Karthik asks her not to get terrified and inquires as to whether something occurred? Nitin tells that he will return home. Angad sees wind on the tree. He gets stressed for Sandhya. Kapil asks Sandhya to wear the garments. Sandhya takes the garments from his hand. He turns and demonstrates his hostile stares. Pandit ji is doing havan in Sandhya’s room and attempts to consume the mangalsutra. The flame ends up red. They see Kapil and Sandhya in the flame. Pandit ji says Sandhya isn’t the only one, yet Pret Aatma is with her and needs to join with her. He says on the off chance that this occurs, at that point everything will be destroyed. Everybody is stunned.

Kapil is playing the mouth organ. Sandhya comes wearing the saree and hears the music. Kapil opens his eyes and demonstrates his red eyes. Sandhya says it is Amitabh Bachchan sholay music. He says yes. Sandhya says we will return home, it is late. Kapil says you are concerned for Angad who couldn’t care less for you. He says your heart is with me. He says you don’t have the foggiest idea who are you for me and says you are my adoration. He attempts to kiss her.

Precap: Sandhya tells that even the mists are doing scheme. Kapil takes her to bed and says until we join together, these mists won’t stop. He draws nearer to her with his hostile stares. Sandhya returns home and gets some information about her Kapil. Angad says this is Kapil. Sandhya is stunned to see the genuine Kapil, as he is another person. Witch has her. Her hands and legs curves and she yells… Everyone is stunned.

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