Here’s Why Kangana Ranaut Feels Embarrassed To Be Compared To Alia Bhatt

Kangana Ranaut is one actress that does not hold back in any way. The actress who is highly appreciated for her acting is known even more for her controversial statements. Right after the release of her superhit Manikarnika, she has been miffed that Bollywood did not come out in support of her film. Earlier this month she talked about how she found it was funny that actors would like to discuss their sex life in public but not talk about issues that affect their country. Kangana specifically lashed out at Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt then. She further added how she couldn’t understand why Ranbir was called a young actor when he was 37 and at that age, her dad was a middle-aged man. She seems to be specifically miffed with Alia and yet again lashed out at the actor calling her Gully Boy performance mediocre. Talking to Bollywood life about being compared to Alia Bhatt she said she was embarrassed that her performance in Manikarnika was compared to Alia’s character in Gully Boy.

She said,

I am embarrassed…What is there to beat in Gully Boy performance ….same snappy muh phat girl… Bollywood’s idea of a fiery girl, woman empowerment and good acting, spare me this embarrassment, please. Media have taken filmy kids love too far. Stop pampering mediocre work or else bar will never be raised.

Ouch! Those are some really strong words coming from the actress. Kangana seems to have taken it to heart that Alia hadn’t come out in support for her film. It seems like she didn’t really take Alia’s apology well either, in fact, back then, she had asked her to grow a spine.

This seems to be getting way out of hand. We hope Kangana can sort out the issues with Alia soon.

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