Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Amma To Interrupt Rajjo And Happu’s Romance

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Amma doing yoga. Dada ji inquires as to why she is murmurs like a snake. Amma says she is doing yoga and inquires as to whether he can’t see. He says only 4 breath are remaining and you are finishing it also. Amma says you will be upbeat as you call me frequently. Dada ji says it is hard to come here and go. He says what to do I can’t remain without you and says he is her old darling. He requests a kiss. She says you are held tight the divider and as yet acting mischievously with her. He says I am approaching my significant other for a kiss. She requests that he have disgrace. Hritik and Chamchi come there and advise that they are going to class. Chamchi asks with whom she is conversing with? Amma says your Dada ji. Hritik says I thought you are conversing with whom? Rajjo asks Ayushman for what valid reason he is pausing. Ayushman says I am hanging tight for Ranbir

as he had microscopic organisms the previous evening and went to washroom. Rajjo reproves Ranbir and asks what did he eat? Ranbir says what you had made. Hritik asks Rajjo for what valid reason Papa don’t drop us to class. Rajjo requests that he ask Happu straightforwardly. Kamlesh comes and welcomes Rajjo. Rajjo says I am concerned for you and tells that you don’t take God’s name toward the beginning of the day. He says he will take God’s name during his tests. She asks Kamlesh to drop children to class. Kamlesh takes them. Dada ji asks Amma to give him a kiss. She gives him flying kiss and grins. Happu comes and holds Rajjo affectionately Amma sees them from the window. Rajjo says on the off chance that Amma sees us romancing, at that point will press the lemon. She sees Amma taking a gander at them. Happu discloses to Rajjo that he will go to Police station. Amma discloses to Dada ji that she has everything now and not him. He requests that her come to him. She says you won’t comprehend and says I miss you to such an extent. She requests that he proceed to return after at some point. He says alright and says I adore you. Amma gets glad and says I adore you as well. He goes.

Nargis Mausi comes and admonishes beni for doing family unit work. He requests that her get him wedded to Vimlesh so she can deal with house work and he will work outside. Mausi requests that he call Kathori. Beni calls Amma. Amma comes and embraces Mausi. She asks how could you come? Mausi says I traveled via train, however there was so much group that I got distraught. Beni requests that her come to point. Amma asks what he is murmuring in your ears and requests that her slap him. She says she slapped him as of now and gets some information about Rajjo. Amma says all is well at home. Mausi says in the event that you need your home and family to be fine, at that point don’t release your Happu close to his significant other Rajesh. Amma says what are you saying, they are a couple and will be as one. Mausi says in the event that he goes close to her, at that point will leave from your hands. Beni supposes she is talking pointless things. She reveals to Amma that she isn’t irksome or meddling woman, yet offers proposal to her companions. Beni supposes he needs to work for his own marriage and asks Mausi to come inside. Amma reprimands him. Beni asks what is your age? Amma requests that he come and says I will let you know. Mausi reproves beni.

Constable asks Happu how is everybody at home. Happu requests that he talk gradually with a break and not to blend the sentences and calmly inhales when moving to next sentence. Constable still talk relentless. Happu sends him to get tea. Amma calls happu and admonishes him for not picking her call quick. He says I picked it quick. She requests that he drop him to sanctuary. Happu inquires as to whether you need to ask tenth thousand child. Amma says you as of now have 9 youngsters. He gets Rajesh’s call and discloses to Amma that magistrate saheb came. He picks the call and advises that he was conversing with magistrate. Rajjo advises that she needs to have frozen yogurt with him and requests that he get back home. She says we will make plans of tenth child after that. Happu gets cheerful and closes the call. Constable says even he has a similar circumstance at home. Malaika and Kat sit tight for Kamlesh. Kamlesh comes in the wake of dropping children to class. Kamlesh says he is completing a film. Malaika says she will swoon. Kamlesh requests that Kat become a courageous woman in the film. Kat says this is my youngster time dream. Malaika asks Kamlesh to start things out. Kamlesh asks are you intrigued. Kat says yes. Malaika says Kat will progress toward becoming courageous woman and would prefer not to contemplate. Kat asks are you envious. Malaika requests that he take them. Kamlesh says Haryana police disrupting guideline and having a triple ride. Malaika says first time.

Precap: Amma and Rajjo send Chamchi and hritik to bring Happu.

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