Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Happy Goes Missing

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with RV saying you figure you could escape, you need your significant other’s help. She evacuates the neckband and hits RV. He gets injured and tumbles down. She ventures over him and goes. Its morning, RV is as yet fallen on the ground. He awakens and searches for Happy. He reviews the occurrences and figures for what reason wouldn’t i be able to recollect that whatever else. He checks the vehicle. He says where did Happy vanish. He yells Happy.

Controller says I m releasing you, on the off chance that anything occurs, I will see you, its an issue among a couple, don’t meddle between them. Rocky signs the papers and goes. He says I will murder RV in the event that he harms Happy. He checks a voice message. He plays it for the investigator. Happy says Rocky spare me, if you don’t mind I m frightened. Rocky says we need to go to the lodging quick. Controller

concurs. RV comes to inn. Sandhya asks where is Happy, let me know. He asks when did you come here, I m finding Happy.

Smiley asks how could you get injured, where is Happy. He says I don’t have a clue, proceed to ask Rocky. Rocky accompanies police. He says I don’t confide in you, that is the reason I generally pursue, where is Happy. RV says I don’t have the foggiest idea. Sandhya says he knows everything, don’t have the foggiest idea what he did with her. Rocky says Happy was with you, where is she, let me know. Madhu converses with a couple about Rocky’s collusion. She acknowledges the coalition. The young lady’s folks give her desserts. Simmi looks on and cries.

Smiley says Happy called during the evening, she was terrified. Rocky says see Happy called to request help. He requests that RV state reality. Monitor says don’t infringe upon the laws. Rocky reproves RV for hitting a lady. Sandhya says I won’t extra you. Auditor says I need more power, seal this lodging get the warrant, we will research. RV says don’t get me in authority, my better half is missing, don’t consider compelling me, I m a rumored legal advisor. He gets captured.

Rocky says he is behind everything, cause him to concede me. Assessor asks him not to stress. Sandhya cries. Rocky consoles her. Madhu and Simmi contend. Madhu says Rocky will proceed onward with Harleen. Simmi appeals to God for Happy. Rocky says we can’t confide in RV, he is extremely shrewd, something isn’t right, he accomplished a major issue with Happy. ACP says let us do our work. Rocky says I was in lockup throughout the night, Happy would have been sheltered. Rocky and Sandhya grumble about RV, he was tormenting Happy. Smiley demonstrates the proof posted via web-based networking media. Rocky says RV gave her medications the previous evening, you will locate its verification too. ACP gestures.

The police researches and gets verification against RV. The woman says we have seen RV beating Happy, she was abundantly frightened. The neighbors give articulation against Happy. Specialist additionally gives articulation about Happy’s wounds. Overseer gets the reports. Rocky asks what’s this. ACP says our group had confined you the previous evening, it was our slip-up, you were correct, RV had the unlawful medications, we got RV’s fingerprints on it. Rocky says you have evidence, capture RV soon. Rocky goes out. He sees Happy’s pic going far and hurries to pick it. He spares the pic from getting singed and says I won’t let anything transpire.

RV gets investigated. He says I know nothing, give me my telephone. ACP beats him and says you want to beat ladies, ladies can’t beat you, you have bugged Happy. She harms him. She says call anybody you need, you will need assistance today, you will be charged for abusive behavior at home, we realize you have offered medications to Happy, Rocky said reality regarding you, where is Happy. RV says I don’t have the foggiest idea. Rocky says I will discover you Happy, where are you. He sees her pic.

ACP says there is nothing more than a bad memory news, a mishap occurred, you need to come to distinguish the body. They get stunned and weep for Happy. Rocky goes with the police. Reviewer says the body is totally singed, we got this neckband from the body, I have seen this in Happy’s neck that night. Rocky says this isn’t Happy. ACP demonstrates the jewelry. Rocky says it has a place with Happy, this can’t be Happy, trust me. ACP says contact the scientific group and match the dental records, we will realize whose body is this. She says we will educate you after the outcomes come. Rocky says she can’t leave me, she isn’t Happy. ACP says even I implore that the dental records don’t coordinate, who will bolster her family, be solid. Rocky asks what will I let them know, none of us can live without her.

Precap:Rocky hears the investigator’s words. ACP says this body has a place with Happy.

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