OnePlus 7 Pro vs. OnePlus 6T: Which One Should You Buy?

OnePlus has become known as a flagship smartphone killer, and the OnePlus 6T’s excellent performance at a very reasonable price made it one of our favorite phones of 2018.

The OnePlus 7 Pro is now here, and it’s poised to do battle with the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Apple iPhone XS, just like the 6T was aimed squarely at the Galaxy S9 (and the XS, too). At $750, the OnePlus 7 Pro costs $100 more than its predecessor, but it’s still several hundred dollars less than you’d pay for an equivalent Apple or Samsung phone.

If you’re shopping for a smartphone, especially on T-Mobile (the only carrier currently offering it), the OnePlus 7 Pro is clearly worth a look. If you already have a OnePlus 6T (or any 2018 flagship phone) in your pocket, however, it might not warrant an immediate upgrade. Let’s see just what the 7 Pro changes over the 6T.


Both phones are arguably phablets, but the 7 Pro is a bit more so than the 6T. It’s a fifth of an inch longer, a hair wider, a hair thicker, and nearly an ounce heavier. Both phones feel very premium, thanks to stylish glass bodies.


The 7 Pro gets a massive screen upgrade over the 6T. It’s a bit larger at 6.67 inches to 6.41 inches, but the more important change is the resolution. The newer phone’s OLED screen has a 3,120-by-1,440 resolution for a pixel density of 516ppi. That’s much sharper than the 6T’s 2,340-by-1,080, 402ppi OLED screen. The 7 Pro’s screen also has a faster, and rare, 90Hz refresh rate.


Processing power is the most consistent iterative step every year for flagship Android phones, thanks to the nearly standard use of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8-series processors. The OnePlus 7 Pro has the new Snapdragon 855, while the OnePlus 6T has last year’s Snapdragon 845. The 7 Pro also uses the new UFS 3.0 storage standard, which helps it transfer and process data a bit faster.

In GeekBench, the 7 Pro scored 23 percent higher for multi-core speed and a wild 47 percent higher for single-core speed (11,012/3,551 to 8,916/2,406). It also scored 27 percent higher in the PCMark storage test (12,889 to 10,152), showing the improvement UFS 3.0 brings.

(OnePlus 7 Pro)


The OnePlus 7 Pro’s Snapdragon 855 has Qualcomm’s X24 modem, set to access Category 18 LTE with 5-carrier integration. The OnePlus 6T’s X20 modem has 5-carrier integration as well, but it’s limited to Category 16 LTE. The difference is about 200Gbps, with the 7 Pro capable of 1,200Gbps download speeds and the 6T capable of gigabit download speeds.


OnePlus went a bit crazy with the 7 Pro’s cameras, which are a stark contrast from the 6T’s very-good-but-not-great shooters. The 7 Pro features a triple rear-facing camera with a whopping 48MP main sensor, an 8MP sensor with a 3x zoom lens, and a 16MP sensor with a 117-degree wide-angle lens. It defaults to 12MP photos for better low-light performance, but you can use the full 48MP sensor if you want. It can also capture 4K video at 60fps.

That’s a huge change from the 6T’s 16MP/20MP dual rear-facing cameras, which don’t provide zoom or wide-angle. The front-facing camera on the 7 Pro is also a bit wacky, popping up when in use instead of integrated into a notch on the screen like the 6T.


The 7 Pro’s 4,000mAh battery conclusively beats the 6T’s 3,700mAh battery in our tests, lasting 11 hours, 47 minutes to the 6T’s 8 hours, 31 minutes. That’s a lot of extra time on the phone before you have to charge it.

Very New, Very Improved

The OnePlus 6T is an excellent phone, but the OnePlus 7 Pro beats it by nearly every measurement. It’s faster and it has a better screen, a more advanced camera system, and a longer-lasting battery, all for just $100 more. It’s a big step up from last year’s sensibly priced flagship killer, and an even more compelling buy despite the slightly higher price. That’s why the 7 Pro didn’t just earn our Editors’ Choice like the 6T, but got an even higher score at 4.5 stars.

For more, read our full OnePlus 7 Pro review.

Try these bakeries for the best cookies in the city

Looking for the best cookie in New York is a bit like trying to find the city’s best bagel or the perfect date: you might be searching in vain, but you’re sure to find dozens of delicious options along the way. With the days of simple chocolate chip and black and white cookies comfortably behind us, navigating the New York cookie universe can be increasingly tricky, especially with the advent of non-traditional flavors like maple bacon and blueberry & cream. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite cookies across the city and just in time for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day on Wednesday.

Levain Bakery

Home to what many consider New York’s most scrumptious cookies, Levain’s reputation precedes it and then some. The Upper West Side mainstay may be tiny, tucked down the block from Central Park West, but it boasts global renown and lines that wrap around the block. Indeed, people come to the city from all over the world just to try the bakery’s legendary chocolate chip walnut and dark chocolate peanut butter cookies, but Levain is also the kind of neighborhood spot that welcomes its local regulars by name.

The bakery opened its 74th Street headquarters back in 1994, when founders Connie McDonald and Pam Weekes embarked on a mission to create the world’s greatest chocolate chip cookie. Within just a few years, it became a New York institution and a destination for anyone and everyone passing through the city.

Levain offers an array of gorgeous rustic bread and baked goods, but it’s really known for the dense and impossibly rich cookies it bakes fresh and on-site every day. Consistently available in chocolate chip walnut, dark chocolate chocolate chip, dark chocolate peanut butter and oatmeal raisin options, the warm cookies can be smelled from blocks away, which coincidentally might just be where the line for them starts.

Today, the bakery has four locations-its original 74th Street home, another Upper West Side spot on Amsterdam Avenue, a shop on Harlem’s Fredrick Douglass Boulevard (where a live video feed streams online so visitors can gauge the wait time), and one in Wainscott, New York, for all those Hamptons-bound beachgoers. Levain also has two more Manhattan locations on the way, in the Upper East Side and downtown in NoHo, and customers near and far can order the famous cookies online to be shipped anywhere in the United States.


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Affectionately dubbed “the unofficial cookie of Broadway,” Schmackary’s is a somewhat recent addition to the New York cookie world. The Hell’s Kitchen bakery opened in just 2012, when Zachary “Schmackary” Schmahl took his young cookie company out of his apartment and into a brick-and-mortar store on the corner of 45th Street and Ninth Avenue. It was an instant success, with lines of cookie aficionados and amateurs alike forming virtually overnight.

A visit to Schmackary’s is a bit like stepping into a time machine, or at least stepping outside of the hustle and bustle of the city. The bake shop brings small-town charm and hospitality to the big city, and if not for the funky flavors on offer, you might just think you were back in 1950s suburbia.

Schmackary’s original menu of 10 flavors has now grown to include more than 75 unique cookie creations, and options change daily. The bakery offers classics like chocolate chip and their famous “Schmacker-doodle,” as well as inventive flavors like hibiscus passionfruit, piña colada, chocolate-covered pretzel and cotton candy. A list of the daily flavor offerings is available on the Schmackary’s website every day, and cookies can be purchased online and shipped nationwide. The Hell’s Kitchen store, meanwhile, is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. until 11 p.m. or midnight, making it the perfect destination for a post-Broadway treat. And who knows, you might just run into Kristin Chenoweth or Audra McDonald while you wait.

Dominique Ansel Bakery

Dominique Ansel Bakery is known for breaking the rules. With inventions like the cronut, the avocado toast ice cream sandwich, and the DKA pastry, it would be an understatement to say that the French chef has disrupted the baking industry. His SoHo outpost has long attracted an onslaught of loyal downtowners and curious tourists, long lines, and media attention for its groundbreaking cakes and pastries, and the bakery’s chocolate chip cookie shots have done no different.

Having grown up in France, Ansel never really had cookies as a child, and it wasn’t until a few years ago that someone gave him one and instructed him to eat it with milk. The chef loved the classic treat combination and soon learned of its popularity among American kids. He was inspired to make a dessert that incorporated both warm cookie and milk, and in 2014, he introduced the cookie shot at a special event at Austin’s South by Southwest. After 700 people showed up to try Ansel’s new treat, he decided to serve it at the SoHo bakery, where it quickly became one of the most popular items.

The shots are made from warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and are filled to order with the bakery’s homemade, cold-infused Tahitian vanilla milk. Some people down the delicious milk and then eat the soft cookie shot, while others alternate between sips and bites, but everyone, from toddlers to nonagenarians, seems to enjoy the tasty treat. The cookie shots are available at Dominique Ansel Bakery on Spring Street every day from 3 p.m. or online for pre-order and can be purchased individually or in packs of six, with or without milk.

Breads Bakery

Nestled on 16th Street, just west of Union Square, Breads Bakery is the perfect place for a mid-morning snack or an afternoon sweet. A local hotspot from breakfast through dinner, the bakery is famous for its breads and babka and has even won awards for its crunchy baguettes, but Breads’ not-so-hidden secret is its delicious cookies.

Available in triple chocolate chip and oatmeal white chocolate chip with dried cranberries, these treats are reminiscent of the cookies your mom used to make after school but even better. Breads achieves the always difficult soft-on-the-inside, crispy-on-the-outside combination, and there isn’t a single bite of these cookies that isn’t generously filled with chocolate chips. They are thin and small enough that you could easily have two or three and not feel (too) guilty about it. Breads Bakery’s cookies are always available and are the hidden gem of the New York cookie scene, perfect for those who want a sweet snack but don’t want to deal with grueling wait times and potential shortages.

Breads Bakery now has three locations: its Union Square café, a small kiosk in Bryant Park that specializes in to-go foods, and a bakery next to Lincoln Center, and the yummy cookies are for sale at them all, every day from early in the morning to late at night.

Jacques Torres

It’s undeniable that Jacques Torres, the renowned chocolatier and host of Netflix’s “Nailed It!,” conquered the world of chocolate long ago, but his talents, it appears, have now successfully extended to chocolate-adorned baked goods, as well.

With the creation of his ultimate chocolate chip cookies, Torres has brought his chocolate skills to a whole new medium. The cookies are colossal, to say the least, spanning about seven inches in diameter, and they boast a soft center and crunchy edges. The giant cookies are made with the House Blend 60% dark chocolate baking discs and are sold in both the classic variety and with a chocolate-coated bottom. “It’s a lot of chocolate with a little cookie dough around it,” Torres says.

The cookies are sold in packs of six, 12 or 24 and are available at all six Jacques Torres locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, as well as online at the Jacques Torres website and on Amazon.

Honorable Mentions

Milk Bar

Since its debut in 2008, Milk Bar has drawn a cult-like following for its layer cakes, Cereal Milk soft serve, and famous pie, but it’s perhaps best known for its yummy and inventive cookies. Flavors include cornflake-marshmallow-chocolate-chip, confetti, compost (a mix of graham cracker, pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, and butterscotch, not actual compost), and the newly added caramel grapefruit snaps. All these and more are available at each of the nine Milk Bar locations across New York and online.

City Bakery

Known for its indulgent hot chocolate, this Flatiron bakery has been proudly serving up sweets and savories since 1990, and in that time, its cookies have made a particularly memorable mark on the city. City Bakery’s cookies are available in chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, white chocolate chip, and peanut butter, satisfying even the most discerning of customers, and can be purchased daily at the 18th Street spot.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 review: A sequel done right

The OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro are the company’s latest and greatest smartphones. Unfortunately, OnePlus didn’t follow Google in returning the headphone jack. Instead, it rolled out the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 earbuds. These are a huge improvement over the first-gen Bullets Wireless. Sound quality is phenomenal thanks to the updated drivers and aptX HD support. Let’s find out if the price hike is justified in our OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 review.

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What is the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 like?

These earbuds mimic the OnePlus Bullets Wireless. The neckband and control module remain indistinguishable from the original. The most obvious aesthetic change applies to the earbud housings, which are significantly larger. This altered design makes room for the three-unit driver arrangement, which divvies up frequency reproduction between the three components. In the old Bullets Wireless, one driver per earbud was left to reproduce the frequency range, which made music less clear.

The housings are magnetic, which is helpful when the earbuds aren’t in use. Hooking them together automatically pauses playback while pulling them apart resumes it. The magnets also power the headset on and off in lieu of a dedicated button. There is, however, a shortcut button on the left side of the neckband for pairing and alternating between two connected devices.

Unlike the old model, wing tips aren’t included. Instead, you get three pairs of ear tips to sheathe the angled nozzles. Finding the right pair takes a few minutes but is well worth it: these isolate the listener extremely well, rendering outside noise next to null. OnePlus also provides a red silicone case identical to the old one.

See SoundGuys’s full OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 review here

Quick Pair technology lets users alternate between two simultaneously connected devices. Rather than pausing music on one device and playing on another, as most headphones with multi-connect require, listeners can switch devices by double-tapping the shortcut button.

Battery life

Playback time has nearly doubled from the old model. Instead of getting 7.16 hours of playback on a single charge, you get 14.23 hours. This is in part thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity as opposed to Bluetooth 4.1. Once the battery does deplete, connecting to the USB-C cable for 10 minutes affords 10 hours of playback. Fully charging the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 requires about an hour.

How do they sound?

These earbuds support aptX HD and sound great. The neutral-leaning frequency response bodes well for all genres of music and custom EQ-ing. While the slight bass bump is noticeable, its emphasis isn’t at the expense of vocal clarity.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Bullets Wireless 2 sound signature is how well it reproduces an accurate sense of three-dimensional space. Whether I listened to Kendrick Lamar’s album DAMN., or the ethereal sound of Maggie Rogers’ album Heard It In A Past Life, instrumental separation was palpable.

The Bullets Wireless 2 support aptX HD and sound fantastic.

Granted, how good the earbuds sound is heavily dependent on ensuring a proper fit. If the ear tips you use are too big or small, the bass response will be non-existent and outside noise will degrade overall audio quality.

Quick Pair technology lets users alternate between two simultaneously connected devices. Rather than pausing music on one device and playing on another, as most headphones with multi-connect require, listeners can switch devices by double-tapping the shortcut button.

Should you buy the Bullets Wireless 2?

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 will be available in the U.S. for $99. If you’re in the market for wireless earbuds with premium features and a reasonable price, highly recommends the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2. For the absolute best audio quality, nothing outperforms wired headphones. However, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 make me miss the headphone jack a little less.

Selena Gomez Makes Glamorous Cannes Film Festival Debut in Bustier Top and High-Slit Skirt

Selena Gomez kicked off the Cannes Film Festival looking like a true movie star.

Gomez, 26, made her Cannes red carpet debut at the festival’s opening ceremony and screening of The Dead Don’t Die 9 (which she stars in!) wearing a cropped Louis Vuitton bustier, a matching semi-quilted maxi skirt with a sexy slit, a wide belt, metallic silver sandals and Bulgari jewels.

Gomez completed her glamorous look with some old Hollywood glam. Hairstylist Marissa Marino pulled the star’s hair back into a beautiful and sleek twisted bun that let the diamond Bulgari choker on her neck truly shine.

Makeup artist Hung Vanngo swept Marc Jacobs Beauty See-quins Glam Glitter in “Ice-Opal” across Gomez’s lid for added glimmer and drew on a sharp winged cat eye using the Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Marc’er Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in “Blacquer.”

Her striking red lip was achieved by swiping on the Marc Jacobs Beauty Lê Marc Lip Crème in the vibrant shade, “Oh! Miley,” Vanngo said on Instagram.

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Gomez teased her red carpet appearance in Cannes earlier in the day when she posted a series of silly selfies from her hotel room before the premiere. “hi Cannes…you’re very pretty,” the star captioned the post.

After taking a break from the public eye, Gomez made her return to the red carpet last month at WE Day California, an event which celebrates youth leading lasting social change. Her appearance came three months after she broke her silence following treatment after a hospitalization late last year.

Gomez looked chic in a flowing Dior dress and matching Tamara Mellon pumps, as she was all smiles posing for the cameras. A smoky cat eye and glossy nude lip completed her look.

The singer has been a familiar face at the annual event, which has seen her open up to her young fans about topics ranging from dealing with pressure to the support she received after her kidney transplant.

“Batman: Hush” Trailer Debuts From DC Universe

The DC Universe has welcomed a few gems this year already, namely introducing us to Aquaman at the end of 2018. Batman is one of the most beloved heroes from the storied comic book company and he’s about to make his next appearance as part of an aminated flick for which the trailer has just been released.

We’ve met so many of Batman’s rivals over the years with major plots being created around The Joker, Bane, and so many others. We’ve also seen Batman go up against Superman in previous movies. What will happen when everyone’s favorite hero faces Hush though? Considering the fact that Hush always seems to be one step ahead of Batman, this could be an impossible journey for him.

Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic/Getty Images

In the upcoming film Batman: Hush, the DC Universe asks us to consider another possibility in Batman’s never-ending timeline. This time, he’s met with one of his rivals, Hush, who is trying to end him for good. His maniacal laugh and destructive nature are previewed in the brand new trailer. The animated film is also set to dive a little deeper into Bruce Wayne’s romantic life with Catwoman.

Batman: Hush is set to be released this summer. Check out the trailer below and let us know if you’ll be watching this one.


Selena Gomez’s Cannes Look Takes a Page Out of Madonna’s Playbook

There’s no film festival bigger than Cannes, and for those making their debut on the fabled Croisette red carpet, the stakes are high. For Selena Gomez, the occasion called for one-of-a-kind Louis Vuitton separates by Nicolas Ghesquière, paired with an oversized Bulgari diamond necklace. Standing front and center among the ensemble cast of The Dead Don’t Die, the Jim Jarmusch-directed zombie comedy kicking off the festival’s opening night, Gomez was also joined by stylish co-stars Tilda Swinton and Chloe Sevigny in Haider Ackermann and Mugler respectively.

In a bold choice by Gomez and stylist Kate Young, the satin and leather bustier was paired with a silver belt buckle that made sure her glamorous outfit stood out, even alongside some of the world’s most fashionable women. Sexy while showing only a hint of skin, the bustier was paired beautifully with the skirt and its thigh-high slit. Underwear as outerwear always makes for a statement of confidence-just ask Madonna, Kim Kardashian, or any of the look’s famous fans-but Gomez projected a very different kind of poise as she climbed the steps of the Palais des Festivals.

Lego fans predict Stranger Things at mystery midnight set launch

Lego fans predict Stranger Things at mystery midnight set launch

Lego fans are queuing at the company’s flagship London store ahead of a mystery midnight launch.

Excitement is building among superfans from as far afield as New Zealand who are waiting outside the Leicester Square shop, hoping to be the first to get their hands on a new set.

Fans have speculated that the launch could be related to Netflix series Stranger Things.

Teaser posts on Lego’s official Instagram page appear to show famous moments from the series replicated in bricks.

The third season of the hit show is due to launch in July.

One fan, who asked to be described only as Jack from Inverness, has been queuing since 10.30am on Tuesday.

“I’ve grown up with Lego, but I’ve never really grown out of it,” he said.

“This is the first time I’ve ever joined a midnight queue for anything.”

Simon, from New Zealand, is in the UK to visit family but has taken time out to join the queue.

“We don’t have anything like this in New Zealand. We don’t have Lego stores and we don’t have midnight launches,” said Simon, who did not want to give his full name.

“This will be my only chance to do something like this.”

Lego has recreated moments from the big and small screen in the past, with Star Wars, Harry Potter, Flintstones and Scooby-Doo sets proving popular in recent years.

Zac Bird, from Welling, London, bought his 2,000th Lego set on Tuesday.

He is queuing for the midnight launch but admitted: “I don’t know much about Stranger Things. I know it’s on Netflix, but I don’t have an account.

“Who knows, maybe this will convince me to invest.”

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Cannes 2019: Selena Gomez, Naomi Scott and Eva Longoria Look Ravishing on the Red Carpet – View Pics | LatestLY

Cannes Film Festival 2019 has started with some prominent Hollywood names making their red carpet appearances. While Bollywood beauties are yet to shine on this french soil, others like Selena Gomez, Alessandra Ambrosio and Eva Longoria are making some heads turn with their ravishing #OOTDs. With so many influential names coming under one roof, it’s quite a tedious task to pick the best among the entire lot. Yet, we are ready to do the honours for our readers who are eager to read the names of all the stunners who topped our chart. Cannes 2019 Schedule and Lineup for Indian Celebs: On Which Dates Will Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Hina Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Kangana Ranaut Walk the Red Carpet?

While Selena made her debut on the French Riviera, others followed the yearly ritual of stepping out like a fashion Goddess. We have personally hand-picked the names of ladies who were able to blow our minds with their choice of attires. And we bet you guys will join us in praising them. So go ahead and check out their pictures right below. Cannes Film Festival 2019: Mallika Sherawat is All Set to Sizzle in this Tony Ward Couture Gown – Watch Video.

Alessandra Ambrosio in Ralph & Russo

Selena Gomez in Louis Vuitton

Eva Longoria in Alberta Ferretti

Elle Fanning in Gucci

Naomi Scott in Armani Prive

Coming to Bollywood, the usual names like Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kangana Ranaut and Huma Qureshi will be joined by TV star Hina Khan this year. We expect some alluring fashion statements from our B-town girls with a hope that they don’t disappoint. For more updates on Cannes 2019 stay tuned to LatestLY.

Apple, Google and Microsoft release patches for ZombieLoad chip flaws

Big tech is stepping in to patch newly disclosed security flaws affecting almost every Intel chip since 2011.

Researchers on Tuesday released details of the vulnerability, known as ZombieLoad – or microarchitectural data sampling as its technical name – which can leaked sensitive data stored in the processor, such as passwords, secret keys and account tokens and private messages.

You can read our coverage here. In short, don’t panic – but you should patch your systems. Here’s how.

Apple released macOS fixes

Apple has fixes out for every Mac and MacBook released during and after 2011.

The tech giant said in an advisory that any system running macOS Mojave 10.14.5, released Monday, is patched. This will prevent an attack from being run through Safari and other apps, but warned that some Macs could face up to a 40 percent reduction in performance given the changes needed to fix the vulnerabilities.

The security update will also be pushed to Sierra and High Sierra versions. iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch devices aren’t affected by the bugs.

Google patches Android, will update Chrome

The search and browser maker also confirmed it has released patches to mitigate against ZombieLoad.

Google said the “vast majority” of Android devices aren’t affected but Intel-only devices will need to be patched once device makers make updates available

Chrome OS devices, such as Chromebooks, are already protected in the latest version and permanent mitigations will be pushed to devices in the next version.

And, the company’s Chrome team has a technical advisory out but said users should rely on patches for their computer. “Operating system vendors may release updates to improve isolation, so users should ensure they install any updates and follow any additional guidance from their operating system vendor,” said Google. In other words, make sure your Windows PC or your Mac is patched.

Google also rolled out patches to its datacenters, so cloud customers are already patched but should be aware of the company’s guidance.

Microsoft rolls out Windows update

Microsoft has released patches for its operating system and cloud.

Jeff Jones, a senior director at Microsoft, said the software and cloud giant has been “working closely with affected chip manufacturers to develop and test mitigations” for its customers. “We are working to deploy mitigations to cloud services and release security updates to protect Windows customers against vulnerabilities affecting supported hardware chips,” he said.

In a TechNet article, the company said customers may need to obtain microcode updates for their processor directly from their device maker. Microsoft is pushing many of the microcode updates itself through Windows Update, but are also available from its website.

Software updates will be released Tuesday also through Windows Update. Microsoft also has a page with guidance for how to protect against the new attacks.

Microsoft Azure customers are already protected, the company said.

Amazon and Mozilla did not return a request for comment. We’ll update if we hear back.

Read more:

Intel Discloses Four New Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS) Vulnerabilities

New Intel CPU vulnerabilities discovered

Security researchers have publicly disclosed today a series of potential security vulnerabilities affecting Intel microprocessors, which may allow information disclosure on users’ machines.

Intel has published a security advisory today informing its customers about four new security vulnerabilities discovered in Intel CPUs, which may lead to information disclosure by allowing a malicious process to read data from another process running on the same CPU core, which is possible due to the use of buffers within the CPU core.

The vulnerabilities could allow a malicious process to speculatively sample data from the said buffers, which apparently aren’t cleared when switching between processes, then interpret the contents and read data from another process that is executing on the same CPU core. This can happen when switching between kernel and userspace, host and guest, or two different userspace processes.

The new security vulnerabilities are described in detailed at CVE-2018-12126 for Microarchitectural Store Buffer Data Sampling (MSBDS), CVE-2018-12127 for Microarchitectural Load Port Data Samping (MLPDS), CVE-2018-12130 for Microarchitectural Fill Buffer Data Sampling (MFBDS), and CVE-2019-11091 for Microarchitectural Data Sampling Uncacheable Memory (MDSUM).

Intel released microcode updates to mitigate the vulnerabilities

Intel has released today Microcode Updates (MCU) updates for various of its processors to mitigate these potential security vulnerabilities. Users on all known computer operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac, and BSD, are encouraged to install these new firmware updates for Intel processors as soon as they’re available for their systems.

On some systems, such as Linux distributions, updating the Intel microcode firmware isn’t enough to mitigate these new security vulnerabilities as users will also have to install corresponding Linux kernel and QEMU packages that are being prepared as we speak by Canonical, Red Hat, and other major Linux OS vendors.

Intel says that it has worked closely with major operating system vendors and device manufacturers to create feasible solutions for correctly mitigating these new security vulnerabilities to protect users from potential attacks. Intel has published a list of impacted products here, and you can see the status of available microcode updates here.