19 Stunning Photos of Isolated Tribes From All Around The Globe

What do we know about tribes and their way of life? Can we even begin to understand humanity in such a form?

Answering these questions is photographer Jimmy Nelson, who recently released his latest project, called ‘Homage to Humanity’. Nelson’s main mission in this project was to observe and photograph over 30 different tribes across the world.

Along with his project, Nelson also released a book called ’Before They Pass Away’ in which he featured photos and bios of more than 30 tribes facing extinction.

The photo project also offers information on the tribes themselves, their location and the photographer’s experiences with them. To Nelson, it was important to show how primitively some cultures live, without having to judge their ways.

At the same time, he wanted to put an emphasis on the way we and them perceive humanity in its purest form.

As part of his project, Nelson will release a motion picture along with 1,500 photos, ‘all stitched together into one amazing journey across the cradle of human culture.’

Have a look at the gallery below, featuring photos of tribes on all continents, which are also included in Nelson’s final project.

Hakamou’i, UaPou, Marguesas Islands, French Polynesia

Photo credit: jimmynelson.com

Yang Shuo Cormorants, China

Photo credit: jimmynelson.com

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Although memes and classical art is not a combination that we expect to see, some of the museums and galleries now allow their visitors to take photos and publish them in their social media accounts, thus making the art more accessible and visible to common people. While Da Vinci might not have planned for his artwork to turn into a meme, this way his and other classical artists work becomes more relatable to us.

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40 Art History Memes That Made Us Laugh Harder Than We Should

40 Art History Memes That Made Us Laugh Harder Than We Should