Bepanah Pyaar 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir Tries To Commit Suicide

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Scene 1
Pragati hurries to Raghbir. He awakens and says for what reason did you battle? He gives her neckband. She says gives up to specialist. They sit in vehicle. He heads out however is tanked. Pragati says let me drive. Raghbir hits with a column. Pragati inquires as to whether he is fine? She wipes his injuries and says you are clumsy. Raghbir says I like testing life, I need to cause it to lose. Pragati says we ought to go to specialist. Raghbir says I need to return home, where is my home? my life? He blacks out. Pragati unfortunately looks on.

Pragati brings Raghbir to his home in his vehicle. He awakens. Pragati sees him go and says I implore he gets bliss.

In morning, Pragati attempts to converse with chief, he says I dont have time. Pragati says today is my wedding so I need to go. Chief says then your activity wont be spared, he leaves.

Pragati says what to do now? She calls Sanket however he doesnt get. Sanket messages her what was the deal? Pragati says I need to converse with about wedding. He messages that he is anxious to wed her.

Sukaniya says to his dad that he said yes to marriage in indignation, I cannot overlook what occurred between us, I will cause him to recall.

Raghbir conversed with Bani once. Bani says you found employment elsewhere? Raghbir says my dad has cash yet I will accomplish something all alone. Bani says why you left everything for a young lady? Raghbir says I did it for me, nobody contacted my heart like you, nobody can contact my heart like yours, Bani says your heart has so much that it never closes. Flashback closes. Raghbir’s driver apply brakes in light of the fact that a vehicle ahead connected brake quick. Raghbir leaves vehicle and beats man in other vehicle. Pragati comes there and stops him. She takes him from that point and says my wedding is going on today, it was unexpected so I need 2 days off. Raghbir says I think about a minute ago marriage, you just have 7 pheras so one day is fine, rebound to office tomorrow, I am getting hitched as well. Pragati says I cannot help you more. Raghbir says well done, next time we meet, we will be hitched.. I mean with our individual accomplices. Pragati gestures and leaves from that point.

Scene 2

Raghbir goes to his home and sees everybody stressed over wedding. They request that he prepare. Raghbir is flushed and goes to pool. He drinks and says everybody request that I overlook you yet you were the main reason of living. He bounces in pool and begin sinking. He reviews flashback when he met Bani’s dad, he said you are intrigued my cash, Raghbir says I am intrigued your girl as it were. Bani goes behind him. Raghbir says accompany me, nobody can isolate us. Flashback closes. Raghbir believes that we are made for one another, in the event that we cannot be as one since I am alive, at that point I can bite the dust, my breaths need to stop for me to meet you. All of a sudden observes Bani in pool. She grins and holds his hand. She pulls him for an embrace.. it turns out of be his fantasy. Harshit comes there and hauls Raghbir out of pool. All relatives come there. Raghbir awakens and thinks kicking the bucket for her isn’t in my grasp as well.

Pragati’s wedding begins. Sanket in a hidden turban comes there. Everybody acclaim Pragati. Pragati’s dad says to her that everything will occur for good. Pragati sits in mandap with Sanket. She sees bangle close by and believes Sanket’s uncle was wearing it. She attempts to see his face yet its in cover. Pragati thinks his uncle isn’t in group of spectators, it implies.. She represents wreath trade and looks on. She all of a sudden removes his cloak and is stunned.

PRECAP-Raghbir is flushed and says to Sukaniya that I cherish you. She says you are tanked. Raghbir embraces her and says you are my eyes’ pleasure.

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