7 Tips That’ll Help A Woman Thrive In A Male-Dominated Work Environment

I had quite a few friends who were doing engineering, but when it comes to specifically mechanical engineering the number of females instantly dropped. Now, imagine how intimidating it might be for these women to start the basis of their careers in a male-skewed industry.

But be it engineering or finance or even the construction business, usually, the male-dominated sectors are now being taken up by some amazing women. These trailblazers are trying to change the gender biases that peg an industry to be male-dominated, and of course, anyone can! So, after deep diving into this topic and doing some research, I came up with 7 tips that’ll help you thrive in a male-dominated environment and in general, make you successful in your career.

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1. Play To Your Strenght & Knowledge

Don’t think of being a woman in a male-dominated environment as a ‘bad thing’. We, women, have skills and strengths that when used correctly can be a major boost to our career trajectory. Don’t let gender stereotyping rule your world. Also, you are at a particular level because of your knowledge and expertise. So, trust in them and make a mark.

2. Speak Up

As mentioned above, you have the skills and knowledge to get a job done. But if you don’t speak up then you’ll never get an opportunity to show them and utilise them. If you have an innovative way of manoeuvring through a problem or a solution that no one but you could come up with, then it’s essential to speak up. Especially, in meetings when your voice can easily be drowned out, it’s important to let your voice be heard.

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3. Be Assertive

Now, you might be easily interrupted by men who like to ‘mansplain’ everything you say to your other male colleagues. So, it’s important to be assertive and confident enough to stick to your gut. Remember that it’s your idea essentially and no one else but you can visualise and explain it in the most effective way.

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4. Breakthrough Gender Roles

Essentially, prove that it’s not just a ‘man’s job’ anymore. If you know that you can do a job as effectively as a man then don’t be afraid to take an initiative on it. In fact, such kind of action in which you take the lead will be appreciated by the higher-ups and also, shatter stereotypes in that particular industry.

5. Acknowledge Your Work & Take Credit For It

Being humble, especially when you are working in a team is important, but don’t let anyone else take credit for the work you have put in. It’s important to first acknowledge yourself, the part you’re playing in an organisation and not shy away from taking credit for the hard work you have put in.

6. Be Authentic

Be honest with your work and don’t think of the gender-bias environment. An authentic and hardworking employee is always above the differentiation of the sexes.

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7. Support Other Women

It’s important to create an environment in which women are not pegged against each other but in fact, support each other. Giving opportunities to efficient women and creating a workspace that encourages their growth is essential.

These are just basic tips but they might be helpful for you to not only navigate through a male-dominated workplace but also, thrive in it and be successful!

Do you have any tips that you would love to share from your experience in a male-dominated environment? Do let us know in the comments below.

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