7 Essentials That Are Easy To Miss While Planning A Holi Party

One of the most epic and fun festivals is almost here! Yup, we’re talking about the festival of colours—Holi! It is one of the most significant festivals that India looks forward to. It’s the only day when Indians happily wake up in the morning to celebrate even though it’s their day off. That’s when we all are the most enthu! Today is also the day Mommy makes amazing fancy snacks for us and our guests. And after we eat those, we head out to meet our friends, no? But sometimes, it gets way too hectic to get out and is better to just host a small get together for your friends and family at home itself. If you’re considering hosting a Holi party at home there are many things to keep in mind like making a guest list, bringing enough colour and scoring Thandai. But besides that, there are smaller things you might forget that are equally important at a Holi house party. Don’t worry if you haven’t got the details all figured out. We’ve got you covered with a list of these essentials. So, let’s begin!

1. A digital invitation

There is a tonne of apps nowadays that will make fun invites for you to send out as texts to your friends. This is better than calling each one of them up to invite them. And is definitely fancier than a plain text without any picture.

2. Enough space

Holi as a festival that brings people together. And it is often believed that the more the merrier. Hence, it is known to bring your friends and friends of friends to even an acquaintance’s house. So, if you’re hosting a party, ensure that you have enough space for a lot of unaccounted guests.

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3. Spare sunglasses

To avoid colour going in your eyes, the best thing to do is wear sunglasses. But don’t be selfish and get just that one pair for yourself. Instead, buy some fun pairs of sunglasses for your entire crew. You’d get some cool and affordable ones off the street!

4. Ziplock bags

You do NOT want your guests to accidentally spoil their phones and other essentials like their money or credit cards. So, give them each a ziplock bag for all their necessary valuables.

5. Makeup remover

For the time people want to exit the party or just basically clean up the colour on their face, keep some makeup removers and pads handy for them to get rid of all that colour easily.

6. Oil & Conditioner for guests

Before the party starts, offer the guests some oil or conditioner to apply to their hair. This is basically to protect your tresses from colour and keep your scalp hydrated.

Holi Indian Festival | Image Source: www.shutterstock.com By Kristin F. Ruhs

7. A helper

Make sure there’s someone around to help you out. If you’re planning to play Holi, someone’s gotta figure out the organisation bit of the part; someone to get food, drinks or anything else your guests might need at the time.

If you’ve included all these in your checklist, we think you’re Holi-ready! So, what are you waiting for? Get planning and send out that invitation over a text to all your guests! Happy Holi!

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